The lines are therefore truly the basis on which all our visual perception lay; they are the basis from which every formal possibility springs.

Paul Klee wrote "drawing is taking a line for a walk."

Riccardo Murelli forces us to walk between his lines, to walk around them, driven by the obsession to successfully extract meaning from them, to make sense of them.

We perceive the sculptures' voids which become solid fields on paper.

We seek behind, underneath, above, searching in our memory, in previous experiences from our past, in dreams, in architectonic volumes – with the hopes that threedimensionality will speak to us. Nothing.

We must abandon this idea, betraying this human instinct that guides our search for meaning, verbalizations, acknowledgements and abandon ourselves to silence and contemplation.

Making Whole What Has Been Smashed

Ludovica Lumer 2011

Unlimited in the Magic of Serpara 

A special vision and reportage

 by the Portuguese photographer Luis do Rosario

Iron Steel | 2013